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  A Balanced Diet 31 Scarwood Reach Douhgar "Shorty" Saveli wants you to collect Mudlace Fronds and Snapvine Berries from the Scarhide Waste. Want to know the secret to an effective fighting force? Food! An army travels on its stomach, and a properly fed army fights better. Simple as that! It's not glamorous, but we must keep the troops fed until we can get our supply lines secure. Oh, these Mudlace Fronds and Snapvine Berries will do wonderfully. Put these into a stew and there should be enough to go around for everyone. No one appreciates the trouble I go through to make sure the troops get a well balanced meal. Do you have my fruits and vegetables? We can't expect our troops to fight very well if I can't even ring a proper dinner bell! Bring the Fronds and Berries to Douhgar "Shorty" Saveli at the Scarhide Picket True Douhgar "Shorty" Saveli Douhgar "Shorty" Saveli Never 1335 3240 Collect Guardian    
  A Better Methodology 8 Freemarch Fenton Maroe would like you to use the Dissolution Apparatus on the Bomani Veck. The strongest of the bomani is called a Veck, and I have no doubt there's one leading them here in Freemarch. Take this device. It should slow the reactions of even the fastest bomani warrior. You've shown the bomani that even the strongest among them cannot withstand the power of our technology. Such work demands praise for the might of the Ascended. Have you shown the Bomani that they are powerless against our technology? Seek out Fairna Noaks in Ark of the Ascended True Fenton Maroe Fairna Noaks Never 202 1560 Kill      
  A Bit More Irregular 37 Droughtlands Helena Brass wants you to put an end to Felix the Refined once and for all. You can find him on the top level of Lantern Hook above the gambling den. Felix just isn't getting the picture. I need you to take the battle to him this time, before he hurts any more of the citizens of Lantern Hook. You can find him at the top of the city, but be wary, he'll be guarded. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. With Felix dead, people won't have an excuse to ignore the real dangers that face this town. We'll see if that's for better or worse. Thanks for seeing this through, [%NAME]. If all my Irregulars had your mettle, we'd have cleaned up Lantern Hook long ago. Hurry, Felix has spies everywhere. The longer you take, the more prepared he'll be. Return to Helena Brass in Lantern Hook True Helena Brass Helena Brass Never 1826 3780 Kill      
  A Bit of Subterfuge 28 Scarlet Gorge Travel northwest from Scarwood Lift Base to Frayworn Rock and use the Golden Maw Disguise to discover the power source the cultists are using to operate their constructs. The Golden Maw work their miners to death, then replace them with constructs. A tragedy, but protecting the miners is secondary to learning how the cultists power their machines. An alternative to sourcestone would be a tremendous find! Use this disguise to learn what you can. Nathur Kull's spirit flickers violently within the shard. A fitting end for the stealer of souls.   Collect Nathur Kull's Soul from the Soul Shard in Frayworn Rock True Bardra Mortain   Never 1118 2970 Use Item Defiant    
  A Bloody Bounty 12 Freemarch Arnald Weaver wants you to travel southeast of Eliam Fields to Todrin's Estate and collect Endless Court Insignias off the corpses of the Endless cultists. All of the Endless Court members carry insignia that we believe to be imbued with power from Regulos. If we can learn more about their powers, we can hopefully figure out how to sever their link to him, and decrease his influence on Telara. A power emanates from these Endless Court Insignias... something I have felt before. In Seastone Bluff, our forces encountered a being called Xalos. We narrowly defeated him, but he retreated into a planar flux. We must put an end to him once and for all. Hurry on and get me Endless Court Insignias from the Endless cultists. Bring the Endless Court Insignias to Arnald Weaver in Eliam Fields True Arnald Weaver Arnald Weaver Never 278 1530 Collect Defiant    
  A Bloom in Desolation 39 Droughtlands Jillian Rale at Lantern Hook wants you to collect Grimmit Blooms in the Jagged Fringe. Purging the infected corpses of the scarab infestation depleted my supply of Grimmit Blooms, a key ingredient I use to fill the Blessed Decanter. It grows in areas far too dangerous for me to traverse. I need more to protect against future scarab plagues. These Grimmit Blooms will do nicely, [%Name]. Unless something is done about the Stormbrood, there's nothing to stop them from infecting corpses with scarabs again. Thankfully, these Grimmit Blooms will allow us to avert the next infestation. Did you get the Grimmit Blooms? Please hurry - the health and hope of many are in your hands. Bring the Grimmit Blooms to Jillian Rale at Lantern Hook True Jillian Rale Jillian Rale Never 2007 3960 Collect      
  A Breath from Beyond 11 Silverwood Darien Shale wants you to slay creatures spawned by the rifts or invasions that plague Silverwood. You've no doubt witnessed the strange creatures that arrive out of the rifts that split our skies? To save the forest from these fiends, you must brave the turbulence of the rifts and slay the creatures that come forth. Cyril would be proud of you, [%class]. Though the rift creatures are pervasive, we must persist in eradicating their corruption from Telara. Come back any time that you feel a need to pitch in. I'm sure I will be able to find a use for you again. Find a nearby rift and defeat the strange creatures found within. Return to Darien Shale east of the Marsh House True Darien Shale Darien Shale Daily 98 480   Guardian    
  A Bridge Too Close 6 Freemarch Fenton Maroe in Ark of the Ascended has suggested you speak to Leanna Spate and Tasim Saza to learn about Port Scion and Founder's Threshold. Ascended, it's good you're here. The rifts are enough of a danger even without the threat of the Guardians. After Port Scion fell, we had to destroy Founder's Threshold, the bridge to Silverwood, to keep them from invading. Speak to our agents to learn more of the situation. As you learned from Leanna Spate and Tasim Saza, the Guardians continue to fight us at every turn, imperiling all of Telara for the sake of their outdated beliefs. If we must destroy them to save the world, so be it. You'll find Leanna Spate and Tasim Saza on Founder's Threshold, the bridge to the north. Return to Fenton Maroe in Ark of the Ascended True Fenton Maroe Fenton Maroe Never 68 660 Talk Defiant    
  A Burgher with Lies 25 Gloamwood Doctor Oswell wants you to speak with Furtho Dragomir at his manor on top of the Barrel Vault tree within Gloamwood Pines. The beast you killed in Greybriar Hollow was not the real culprit behind the attacks. Furtho Dragomir had me conceal this truth - I don't know why. If it's truth you want, convince Furtho to give it to you. He is at his manor atop Barrel Vault tree. Be warned, [%NAME] - his bodyguards will probably be there to keep you away and they won't be nice about it either. I long suspected the Hollow's Beast was no simple animal, but your tale is shocking. That the oldest families of Gloamwood have been cursed with lycanthropy, a secret kept by the burgher himself... It is good you came to me, for I may know of one who can help us... I heard about what happened over at the morgue. If Doctor Oswell is suggesting that Furtho Dragomir is behind this conspiracy, then you should visit him at the top of the Barrel Vault tree. Speak with Gwyddon Duskenleaf in Gloamwood Pines True Doctor Oswell Gwyddon Duskenleaf Never 919 2700 Talk Guardian    
  A Ceremony in Sanctum 40 Moonshade Highlands Captain Haghen wants you to travel to Sanctum and inform Borrin Gammult that he is ready for Scotty's induction ceremony into the Runeguard. Everything should be ready for Scotty's ceremony. Please go to Sanctum and speak to Borrin Gammult. He's going to ride ahead and meet us there. We will meet you in Sanctum within the hour. I'm sure Scotty is going to be very surprised. Everything is prepared, [%NAME]. Let's get things started. I'm sure Captain Haghen and his men will be arriving soon.   Speak to Borrin Gammult in Sanctum True Captain Haghen Borrin Gammult Never 840 1350        
  A Chilling Conclusion 47 Shimmersand Zahrah Nasira wants you to collect Chilling Tempest Nexuses from the Scalding Zephyrs in Scaldwater Fields, west of Windfury Post. An air elemental is a tempestuous entity, spinning and twisting the sands of the desert to bring destruction to the enemies of the Storm Legion. The naga are summoning them for some purpose. If I had some of their essence, I could learn what that purpose is. Just as I was hoping, these elementals were incomplete - flawed in several ways, in fact. They were still no easy task to bring down, I'm sure, but the Storm Legion won't be making an army out of them anytime soon. Still, my research continues. Be wary while in Scaldwater Fields, there is more danger there the deeper in you go I'm told. Bring the Chilling Tempest Nexuses to Zahrah Nasira at Windfury Post True Zahrah Nasira Zahrah Nasira Never 2813 4680        
  A Chilling Tale 46 Iron Pine Peak Sentinel Prolos wants you to take the news of Crucia's Frozen Army to Defender Lathana in Whitefall. With the Abyssal under control here, we need to get the news of the Storm Legion's discovery of Crucia's Frozen Army to the Icewatch in Whitefall. I've sent word to the Chancel, but we have no means of quickly contacting those soldiers stationed in Whitefall. Would you be willing to deliver the message for me? Crucia's Frozen Army? I thought it was destroyed over a thousand years ago. Still, the discovery would bring the cultists of the Storm Legion running, and we have seen increased cultist activity around here lately.   Speak with Defender Lathana in Whitefall True Sentinel Prolos Defender Lathana Never 1082 1530 Talk      
  A Crafter's Lament 45 Shimmersand Collect Callous Claws and Gleaming Scales from the Wading Chompers and Lurking Menaces at Hullbreach Shoals. To maintain our independence, we Khaliti must honor the old ways. I uphold my mother's traditions by crafting various Khaliti wares, but I have run out of materials. Would you mind braving the waters to the north and collecting some for me? Thank you for these materials, [%NAME]. If we lose our culture, we lose our souls. A soulless people cannot defend Telara against the dragon cults. I will need Callous Claws and Gleaming Scales to continue my crafting. Bring the Claws and Scales to Shabaka Akins at Khaliti Row True Shabaka Akins Shabaka Akins Never 2599 4500        
  A Curious Dagger 46 Shimmersand Jabarik wants you to deliver Hazeed's dagger, Raz'ahan, to Asha Catari in Fortune's Shore. My order, the Dragonslayer Covenant, is not trusting of many Telarans. However, your actions in The Flatyard have convinced me that the Defiants can be trusted. I would like you to take Hazeed's dagger, Raz'ahan, to your leader, Asha Catari. Tell her that we look forward to enacting the demise of the dragon cults in Shimmersand. It is rare that the Dragonslayer Covenant allies with outsiders. You must have made an impression, [%NAME]. We will study Hazeed's dagger. I have a feeling we will need it should he show his face again. There is a more pressing matter we must deal with, however. We've received word of an imminent assassination attempt in Fortune's Shore, and I'm the target.   Deliver Raz'ahan to Asha Catari in Fortune's Shore True Jabarik Asha Catari Never 1082 1530        
  A Dangerous Bite 20 Gloamwood Deliver the Venomous Fang to Wrangler Dein in Gloamwood Pines. The venom coating the fang gleams in the soft light. Perhaps Wrangler Dein would be interested in owning such a prize. You got this from a Gloamsilk spider, didn't you? I've tried for years to claim such a fine specimen of their fangs. I'm grateful for this gift.   Deliver the Venomous Fang to Wrangler Dein in Gloamwood Pines False   Wrangler Dein Never 630 2250 Deliver Guardian    
  A Dangerous Harvest 21 Gloamwood Laria wants you to travel to the Grove of the Ancients and collect some Amorian Roots. I have been so weak, drained, since the rifts first tore through this wood. Perhaps the ancient remedies of old may help. Ancestral treants cultivated a plant that only flourished under their care. I need you to gather some for me in hope of restoring my strength. The essence of these Amorian Roots has reopened my mind to the wood, allowing me to perceive the despair of death and joy of life simultaneously. I had hoped that by bonding myself with the forest, I would have the strength to fight against the shadow that consumes it. Beware of the treants, [%NAME]. Since the rifts came, blood is all they thirst for. Deliver the Amorian Roots to Laria at the Forest Altar near Gnarlwood Post True Laria Laria Never 684 2340 Collect Guardian    
  A Dangerous Trade 20 Gloamwood John Tintan wants you to travel to Silkweb Pass and collect Cloudbourne Ice Necklaces from the crates scattered throughout the area. I've hit a goldmine! People believe these Cloudbourne Ice Necklaces actually repel rift monsters! Ha! Desperate people will believe anything. Unfortunately, my couriers were killed in Silkweb Pass. If you're up to it, retrieve the necklaces from the abandoned crates. You don't look any worse for the wear, [%class], and these Cloudbourne Ice Necklaces will do the Pines just fine. The Pines, by which I mean me, could use a resupply of Cloudbourne Ice Necklaces. Deliver the Cloudbourne Ice Necklaces to John Tintan in Gloamwood Pines True John Tintan John Tintan Never 630 2250 Collect Guardian    
  A Dark Garden 40 Runic Descent The Faceless Man asks that you travel to Runic Descent in Moonshade Highlands and speak with Brother Damon. The Hammerknell dwarves mastered a rune technology that bound spirits into their machines, and these spirits powered many of their great works. Even our own magicians are wary of these secrets, given this magic brought down Hammerknell. Though, I would have this ancient knowledge recovered. Brother Damon has already lead an expedition into Runic Descent for this purpose. Meet with him and ensure his success. You say the Faceless Man sent you? Very well. Let us probe these gardens.   Find Brother Damon in the Runic Descent True Faceless Man Brother Damon Never 1400 2700 Breadcrumb      
  A Day Off 26 Scarlet Gorge Speak with Cereil Melticent in Sunrest Canyon, southwest of Old Mule Run, before freeing the Enslaved Miners from Golden Maw Foremen. Good - reinforcements! My team was sent to combat the Golden Maw, but we've been struck by the plight of the locals. Many of the miners have been enslaved by the worshippers of Laethys. Talk to Cereil Melticent down below - she can tell you more. Though our mission doesn't involve the miners, I hate to see them ill-used by the Golden Maw. Besides, hurting those cultists helps our own interests. The Enslaved Miners and Golden Maw Foremen are to the south. Return to Cereil Melticent in Sunrest Canyon True Rickard Destrum Cereil Melticent Never 983 2790 Kill Defiant    
  A Debt of Gratitude 18 Freemarch Speak with Philobian Mikkarz and Knight Marshal Tremaine in Denegar's Stand. We've done it! We have defeated Jakub and his army, while the Endless Court in Freemarch are in total disarray. This is all thanks to you, [%Name]. You have my gratitude, and that of all Freemarch. Both Philobian Mikkarz and Knight Marshal Tremaine wish to express their thanks as well. It saddens my heart that the gods of the Vigil have turned their gaze from Telara. Yet, in these dark times, the Defiants and their Ascended are a beacon of light that gives the rest of us hope. Forevermore, the wardens and Defiants shall be comrades in arms. Have you spoken with Philobian Mikkarz and Knight Marshal Tremaine? Return to March Warden Denegar at Denegar's Stand True March Warden Denegar March Warden Denegar Never 706 2760 Talk Defiant    
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