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  12th Guard Orders   A message from Sanctum written on high quality letterhead detailing orders relieving Kain of command and promoting Sir Martyn in his place.         N
  12th Sanctuary Guard Letter This letter appears to have been written by one of the 12th Sanctuary Guard soldiers serving under Frederic Kain.         20 N
  A Copper Key This is old and tarnished           N
  A Dusty Sack There is something inside           N
  A Glowing Key This key is slightly glowing           N
  A Grimy Key This key looks very old           N
  A Large Key This key is big and heavy           N
  A Nearly Empty Bag There is something inside           N
  A Rusty Key The key is covered in algae           N
  A Sapphire Key The sapphire sparkles beautifully           N
  A Square Key The key is covered in runes           N
  A Wet Sack There is something inside           N
  Abandoned Rations   Nothing goes better with long sieges in the field than some iron rations. Yummy!       20 N
  Abomination Lab Key   If this key could talk, what horrors would it share?         N
  Absorption Rod     Absorb some of Lord Runeclift's holy power   2.0000 20 N
  Abyssal Artifact   Where do they get this stuff?       20 N
  Abyssal Cultist Disguise   This costume could probably even fool Akylios.   These scraps of clothing make you look surprisingly like an Abyssal Cultist   20 N
  Abyssal Manifesto Fragment   I'm sure the other piece is the rare one.       20 N
  Abyssal Modifier Used to transform into an Abyssal           Y
  Abyssal Notebook This seems to be a book of notes belonging to the Abyssal. This book is written in a very strange script that is almost disorienting to try to read.       20 N
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