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  Terraria Gold Bow 7x Gold Bar 10 Damage, Slow Speed
  Terraria Gold Brick 1x Stone 1x Gold ore
  Terraria Gold Broadsword 8x Gold Bar 13 Damage, Fast Speed
  Terraria Gold Chainmail 35x Gold Bar 5 Defense
  Terraria Gold Chandelier 4x Gold Bar, 4x Torch, 1x Chain
  Terraria Gold Coin 100x Silver Coin
  Terraria Gold Greaves 25x Gold Bar 4 Defense
  Terraria Gold Hammer 10x Gold Bar 3x Wood 9 Damage, Slow speed, 55% Hammer Power
  Terraria Gold Helmet 40x Gold Bar 2 Defense
  Terraria Gold Ore Found randomly around the world in packs
  Terraria Gold Pickaxe 12x Gold Bar, 4x Wood 6 Damage, Fast speed, 55% Pickaxe Power
  Terraria Gold Shortsword 7x Gold Bar 11 Damage, Very fast Speed
  Terraria Googles Some Iron Bars, Some Lenses 2 Defense, Likely removed from the game
  Terraria Grappling Hook 1x Hooks, 3x Chains Used to climb Walls quickly, 5 Damage, Fast speed
  Terraria Grass Seeds 20c
  Terraria Gravitation Potion Allows the control of gravity - Duration: 3 mins - Recipe: Bottled Water, Fireblossom, Deathweed, Blinkroot, Feather
  Terraria Gray Brick 2x Stone Used as a Nice stone-ish building material
  Terraria Gray Brick Wall x4 1x Gray Brick
  Terraria Green Brick Dungeons are made up of these
  Terraria Green Brick Wall x4 1x Green Brick
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