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  Terraria Depth Meter Shows the current depth of the player
  Terraria Dirt Rod 20g Allows the user to move Dirt 5 Mana/Use
  Terraria Dirt Wall x4 1x Dirt
  Terraria Dynamite Found in Chests/1g Destroys most tiles in a large radius
  Terraria Ebonstone Block Abundant in Corruption
  Terraria Empty Bucket 3x Iron Bar
  Terraria Enchanted Boomerang Found in Chests 13 Damage, Very fast speed
  Terraria Fallen Star These fall during night but disappear at day Restores 20 Mana
  Terraria Featherfall Potion Slows falling speed - Duration: 5 mins - Recipe: Bottled Water, Daybloom, Blinkroot, Feather
  Terraria Flaming Arrow x5 5x Arrow, 1x Torch 6 Damage
  Terraria Flintlock Pistol 5g 4 Damage, Fast speed
  Terraria Flippers Found in Chests which are underwater Wearing these allows you to swim in Water
  Terraria Furnace 20x Stone, 4x Wood, 3x Torch Used to smelt ores
  Terraria Gel Obtained from Slimes"Both tasty and flammable"
  Terraria Gems Sapphire Amethyst Emerald Topaz Diamonds
  Terraria Gills Potion Breathe water instead of air - Duration: 1 min - Recipe: Bottled Water, Waterleaf, Coral
  Terraria Glass 2x Sand
  Terraria Glowing Mushroom Heals 50 HP.
  Terraria Gold Axe 9x Gold Bar 3x Wood 7 Damage, Slow speed, 11% Axe Power
  Terraria Gold Bar 4x Gold Ore
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