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  Terraria Cobalt Shield Grants Immunity to knockback
  Terraria Cobweb Slows Players who walk trough it, even when falling
  Terraria Copper Axe 9x Copper Bar, 3x Wood 3 Damage, Slow speed, 8% Axe Power
  Terraria Copper Bar 3x Copper Ore
  Terraria Copper Bow 7 Damage, Slow Speed
  Terraria Copper Brick 1x Stone, 1x Copper ore
  Terraria Copper Broadword 8x Copper Bar 8 Damage, Average Speed
  Terraria Copper Chainmail 25x Copper Bar 2 Defense
  Terraria Copper Chandelier 4x Copper Bar, 4x Torch, 1x Chain
  Terraria Copper Coin x100, 1x Silver Coin
  Terraria Copper Greaves 15x Copper Bar 1 Defense
  Terraria Copper Hammer 10x Copper bar, 3x wood 4 Damage, Very Slow speed, 35% Hammer Power
  Terraria Copper Helmet 30x Copper Bar 1 Defense
  Terraria Copper Ore Found randomly around the world in packs
  Terraria Copper Pickaxe 12x Copper Bar, 4x Wood 2 Damage, Average speed, 35% Pickaxe Power, These are great for digging holes
  Terraria Copper Shortsword 7x Copper Bar 6 Damage, Very Fast
  Terraria Crystal Heart Found randomly in caves Increases Life by 20 up to a maximum of 400
  Terraria Demon Bow 8x Demonite Bar 12 Damage, Average Speed
  Terraria Demonite Bar 4x Demonite Ore "Pulsing with Dark Energy"
  Terraria Demonite Ore Dropped by the Eye of Cthulu "Pulsing with Dark Energy"
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