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  Terraria Acorns Harvested from Trees/10c Can be placed to grow new trees
  Terraria Alchemy Station 1x Table atop which you put a bottle
  Terraria Angel Statue does nothing
  Terraria Anvil 10x Iron Bar Needed to craft Armor and some other things
  Terraria Aqua Scepter 15 damage, Slow speed, 3 Mana/Use, Sprays out a shower of water
  Terraria Archery Potion 15% increase arrow speed and damage - Duration: 4 mins - Recipe: Bottled Water, Daybloom, Lens
  Terraria Ash Block Found in the third layer of the map
  Terraria Band of Starpower Found in shadow Orbs Slowly regenerates Mana
  Terraria Battle Potion Increase enemy spawn rate - Duration: 7 mins - Recipe: Bottled Water, Deathweed, Rotten Chunk
  Terraria Blade of Grass Found in the Underground Jungle
  Terraria Blue Brick Dungeons are made up of these
  Terraria Blue Brick Wall x4 1x Blue Brick
  Terraria Bomb Found in Pots/10s A small explosion that will destroy some tiles
  Terraria Bones 22 Damage, Very fast speed
  Terraria Books Found in Dungeons
  Terraria Bottle x3, 1x Glass Used in crafting potions
  Terraria Candle 1x Gold Bar, 1x Torch
  Terraria Chains 3x Iron Bars
  Terraria Chest 7x Wood, 3x Iron Bar Used to store things in your house
  Terraria Cloud in a Bottle Found in Chests This item allows you to double-jump
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