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  Zapper Gamecube Unlimited lives: Pause game play, then hold L and press Up(3), Left(2), Right, Left, Right.
  Zapper Gamecube Unlimited shield: Pause the game, then hold L and press Up, Down, Up, Left, Right, Down, Up.
  Zapper Gamecube Cheats: Collect all 400 fireflies in a level to unlock the corresponding cheat.
  Zapper Gamecube Control menu screen: Hold R and rotate the Analog-stick and C-stick to control Zapper's facial expressions.
  Zapper Gamecube Hint: Win the round: Collect six eggs every round and win the round.
  Zapper Gamecube Hint: Finding secret passages: Follow your friend's directions for secret passages.
  Zapper Gamecube Hint: Flying: Win the first world with 400 points and you will get to fly.
  Zapper Gamecube Hint: Power Dash Win the second world with 400 points for the Power Dash move.

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