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  Quake 3: Arena Sega Dreamcast Cheat mode Complete single player missions under various difficulties to unlock cheats in multi-player mode. Press Start to pause game play in multi-player mode, then select the cheat option from the menu.
  Quake 3: Arena Sega Dreamcast Console codes Note: The following codes require a Dreamcast Keyboard and Dreamcast Mouse for easy entry. Press [F12] or ~ during game play to display the console screen. Type in ;raster 1 to enable cheat mode. Enter one of the following commands to activate the corresponding effect. Note: You can lookup commands by pressing a letter followed by [Tab] at the console screen. Note: Type \ followed by a letter to list all commands that begin with that letter. Note: Some codes are only effective in single player mode.
  Quake 3: Arena Sega Dreamcast Hint: Easy game on all single player difficulty settings Start a multi-player free for all game and use only one character. Leave the other characters off, but set all their difficulty settings to "Easy". At the map select screen, select "More" and change the gravity, speed, etc. to the desired settings. Begin the game and quit. Then, start or load your single player game and play. The settings you used in multi-player will work in the single player game, making it much easier to win.
  Quake 3: Arena Sega Dreamcast Hint: General strategy Always strafe in a circle around whoever you are shooting. Never stop moving. Always try to get rocket launcher first, then jump and zig-zag run to avoid getting shot. Always use the plasma gun when you have quad damage since it shoots fastest and can hold a lot of ammunition. Run backwards away from people and shoot them at same time.
  Quake 3: Arena Sega Dreamcast Hint: Stop Xearo from getting the BFG10K: To stop Xearo from getting the BFG10K, while he is on his way to get it shoot the target to squish him or have him fall into the wrong place.
  Quake 3: Arena Sega Dreamcast Hint: Online strategy When playing in online mode, you can use anything to your advantage, even your own character. For example regular bones is hard to see and make it difficult for your opponents to target you. The splash affect that happens when rockets hit something can also be used. Aim at your opponent's feet and not hit them directly and it will still deal damage. When someone is on a platform, you can even attack from beneath. Fire rockets up to where you think they may be located. You might get lucky and hit them. When an opponent dies and respawns, they will probably rush for the nearest weapon. Fire some rockets at that weapon and they will usually run into them.
  Quake 3: Arena Sega Dreamcast Hint: Soundtrack Use the internal Dreamcast CD player with the disc to hear the music from the game.
  Quake 3: Arena Sega Dreamcast Glitch: Invisible ledge Go to the Arena of Death in multi-player mode. Go to the back of the level where you can get the rockets. Have high speed on with low gravity (as low as possible). Jump up as high as possible. Make sure the jump is straight at the window of fire. You should be able stand on an invisible ledge. Do not move your character or you will fall off.

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