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  Jojos Bizarre Adventure PS1 Secrets Unlocked Secret Unlocked Jojo Abilty Needed Tower of Gray CPU Battle 249 Strength Mini Game 299 Yellow Tamperence 349 Fortune Telling 399 Character Graphics 449 Illustrations 499 Justice Mini Game 549 Lovers Mini Game 599 The Sun Mini Game 649 Death 13 CPU Battle 699 Judgement Mini Game 749 Black Ground Gallery 799 N' Dool Mini Game 849 Sound Voice Test 899 Character Design Gallery 949 Kan 999 Music Test 1049 Secret File 1099 Unknown 1149 D'Arby Glass Mini Game 1199 Hol Horse & Voing 1249 vs Pet Shop CPU Battle 1349 Tenore Sax Mini Game 1399 New Kakyoin 1449 Rare Items 1799
  Jojos Bizarre Adventure Any Game Shark Codes Infinite Health P1 (Arc): 63BB7D2F00000090 Infinite Health P2 (Arc): 26F7752800000090 Low Health P1 (Arc): 63BB7D2F00000000 Low Health P2 (Arc): 26F7752800000000 Health P1 (Arc): 63B87D2FC0705033 63BB7D2F00000048 50% Health P2 (Arc): 26F47528C0705033 26F7752800000048 Infinite Stand P1 (Arc): F62980EA00000050 Infinite Stand P2 (Arc): D95895B400000050 No Stand P1 (Arc): F62980EA00000000 No Stand P2 (Arc): D95895B400000000 50% Stand P1 (Arc): F62A80EAC0703044 F62980EA00000028 50% Stand P2 (Arc): D95B95B4C0703044 D95895B400000028
  Jojos Bizarre Adventure Any Kid Mode To make the characters look like kids, defeat at least fifteen enemies in survival mode.
  Jojos Bizarre Adventure Any Unlock Dio Beat the game as Jotaro.
  Jojos Bizarre Adventure Any Unlock Evil Dio Beat the game as Dio.
  Jojos Bizarre Adventure Any Unlock Young Joseph Beat the game as Joseph

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