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  Jet Moto PC Blackwater Shortcut Cut about 10 seconds off your lap time by driving into the doors of the Plantation House.
  Jet Moto PC Cliff Dive Near the end of the track there is a tall island with a tree on it. Ride up to the tree and turbo off the island. If your timing is good you'll be able to do between 4 and 8 flips!
  Jet Moto PC Cypress Run Shortcut Go the left of the house at the beginning of the race and go around the outside of the grass and you can cut off about 45 seconds or 15 seconds a lap.
  Jet Moto PC Cheat Mode Win all races in a complete circuit, then go to the title screen, the racer should be saying " codes enabled" then type: 2xstunts twice as much for stunts jetpackspecial turbo speed all the time contortionist better turning
  Jet Moto PS1 All Tracks 1. In the options screen, select "Ameteur" as a difficulty level and set Trophy Presenter to Male. Exit the screen. 2. In the main/opening screen, press up, rihgt, down, left, up, rihgt, down, left. 3. Go back into the options screen, set difficulty to Professional and Trophy Presenter to Rider's Choice. 4. Now at the main screen, press up, left, down, right, up, left, down, right. 5. You should hear the "cash register " sound of all the tracks being unlocked.
  Jet Moto PS1 Infinite Turbos T, C, R, R2, U, S, U, T
  Jet Moto PS1 Air Brakes R1, R2, R, L2, U, C, U, C
  Jet Moto PS1 Zero Resistance S, L1, T, R, L1, D, R2, T
  Jet Moto PS1 Rocket Racer T, U, L2, U
  Jet Moto PS1 Enable Cheat Mode Go to the Options screen, set the difficulty level to Professional and the laps to 6. Go to the main screen and press C, S, T, S, T. Enter any of the following codes:
  Jet Moto PS1 Super Agility D, C, L, L1, L, R, L, R
  Jet Moto PS1 Two Player Mode With Other Bikes C, S, R2, C, T, L2, R, U
  Jet Moto PS1 Double Stunt Points R, U, C, L2, T, C, R1, R2
  Jet Moto PS1 Ice Racing U, R2, R1, R, L1, S, R
  Jet Moto PS1 Show Off Cameras T, D, S, T, L1, R1

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