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  Jeremy McGrath Super Cross PS1 Ride As Tony Hawk Or Kelly Slater Press Pause and then hold l1 r2 and o whilst holding press x x x s t x s t t t s x this should enable you to ride as tony hawk or kelly slater . it worked for me!!!!!!! note: do this during a race but it has to be a 1 player game or you will get nelly.
  Jeremy McGrath Super Cross PS1 Reverse Tracks Just enter your name as this to enable code SHOWTIME
  Jeremy McGrath Super Cross PS1 More Bikes beat the races to get these Beat the first race of the season in Advanced mode Win a Yamaha Y280 Win the season in Intermediate win an M80 cc bike At the main menu screen Press square, circle, up, down, right, and x. Then go to any kind of race except championship You will have a YZ 700
  Jeremy McGrath Super Cross PS1 Donuts Enter in this code while driving While driving, stop, press and, hold X, Circle, and one of the turning buttons to do a donut. To do a faster donut, hold the same buttons with the wheelie button.

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