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  Jade Cocoon PS1 Easy Mugwort In the begining of the beetle forest, you meet the blue cocoon master. When asks what you want learn, choose attack and defense. You'll train in a real battle after he gives you some mugwort. When he first says to attack, don't, defend. Then he'll stop the training and you'll be back at the "what to learn" screen with an extra mugwort. Repeat until you have maxed out mugwort! It takes time but it works and saves you money(or "yan").
  Jade Cocoon PS1 Easily Beat Bird Man To easily beat the Bird Man, use fire minions. They will make the process a lot easier. Just in case, have plenty of Mugorts ready.
  Jade Cocoon PS1 Aquazor Get aquazor without fighting the masked boy: First you go the way with skwoots on. when you get to the front of koris`s house. just go down. then you get to the masked boys house. go into it and pick up aquazor
  Jade Cocoon PS1 Beat The Chosen One To easily beat the chosen one of darkness level up all of your minnions to level 22. make sure you have a minnion with all 4 elliments
  Jade Cocoon PS1 Tips When you first start out you will find a yellow monkey(air) merge it with the dog with the armor on its back(air type) it will only have two moves(WAIT!) later in the eternal corridor get the same guys and merge them only this time they will have FIRE properties merge the two then merge the previous minions(NOTE: make the monkey the main minion MONKEY-DOG not DOG-MONKEY) then you have a POWERFUL MINION (thats the one i always win with in the game and in fighting a friend) if you want SKREEB to have a healing move do the same thing but with Water properties(mix the WIND/FIRE type first then the water type(NOTE: you can call him whatever you want I just called him "SKREEB" because it suited him for myself

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