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  Dino Crisis Sega Dreamcast Hint: Puzzle preview When at a puzzle, before changing it, around push the button. Nothing will happen, but if you watch the colored lights they will turn on in the order needed to solve the puzzle.
  Dino Crisis Sega Dreamcast Hint: Get the third Energy Key Card early: Before leaving the jungle, you can retrieve the card from the shallow stream. This way you will not have to make a return trip after finding out that it is needed.
  Dino Crisis Sega Dreamcast Hint: Defeating the T-Rex To easily kill the T-Rex without the rocket launcher, during the final fight take out your shotgun. Arm the custom parts to it. Once done, blast away at his head. He should be defeated in about five to ten shots.
  Dino Crisis Sega Dreamcast Hint: Ending 4 When you have to decide between Gail's way or Rick's way for the final time, choose Rick's way. Then, use the scanner to find dr. Kirk. Go after him. This leads to the fourth and final ending. Everyone will still be alive except Cooper and you do not have the third energy data disc.
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