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  Command & Conquer NES/SNES/N64 Hint: NOD Special Ops Mission 2 Make 2 or more engineers and send them to the bottom right corner. There should be a GDI construction yard that is only guarded by 1 mammoth tank so just capture the construction yard it and have a defence to attack the tank (otherwise you'll lose the construction yard) and enjoy the power of both sides.
  Command & Conquer PC Cheap Construction Begin building a structure without enough money for completion. Press R to surrender before construction stops due to lack of money, but do not complete the surrender command. Wait a few minutes, then select the "Cancel" option. The structure will be half-completed. Note: This only works in versions earlier than v1.22p.
  Command & Conquer PC Minigunners Use the following procedure to sell the indicated buildings for free minigunners. For the GDI missions, sell a Guard Tower or Advanced Guard Tower. For the NOD missions, sell a SAM site or Obelisk Guard Tower (Obelisk of Light). First, select the "Sell" button in the Sidebar. Use the Left Mouse Button to sell the building. Use the Right Mouse Button to activate the selection cursor. Use the Left Mouse Button to select the building and press S. Note: This only works in versions earlier than v1.22p.
  Command & Conquer PC Infinate Fire Storm Defence once you have built your fire strorm wall sections and the defence has charged activate it and when it is in the middle of going off sell all your power plants and the fire storm has be put on hold this will give infinite fire storm when you want the fire storm off just build more power plants
  Command & Conquer PC Get A Harvester * To get a harvester before you can actually make them, sell the refinery and buy another one and you will get another harvester for around a $1000.
  Command & Conquer PC Money Stream * This is rather a bug than a cheat, but it works: * When you sell three refineries right after each other, the money you get keeps going up till the end of the mission. You can get as much as $20 000 000 if you're lucky. It can't have been saved within a half hour though.
  Command & Conquer PC Infinite Mini Gunner Cheat * Sell any building, but before the selling animation sequence is over stop the sell, the building remains on its place, but all your mini gunners are out.
  Command & Conquer PC Build Everything * Edit the "conquer.ini" file. In the Multiplayer section, change side=1 or 2 to side=3. * In modem games you can build everything Gdi and Nod can.
  Command & Conquer PC Dinosaur Campaign 1. To get the dinosaurs open the application with ResEdit and open the WSET resource. 2. Enter $"7B" in the second unused field. 3. When you select NOD, when starting a new game you will play the dinomissions. 4. Doing anything else, like loading a saved game or playing a multiplayer game is unsupported.
  Command & Conquer PS1 Instant Nuclear Strike Pause the game and press Right, Down, Left x2, Down, Right x2, Down, Left, X, Up, X.
  Command & Conquer PS1 Instant Ion Cannon Pause the game and press Right, Down, Left x2, Down, Right x2, Down, Left, X, Square, Triangle.
  Command & Conquer PS1 Unlimited Money Pause the game and press Right, Down x2, Left, L1, Left, Right, Down, Left for an additional $5000. Repeat this code as needed for unlimited money.
  Command & Conquer PS1 Cover Operations Missions Enter "COVERTOPS" as a password. This password may be enabled on either disc with different results.
  Command & Conquer PS1 NOD Covert Ops Mission Passwords Mission Password Bad Neighborhood C99X6L0D9 Deceit SHVQLLFOX The Tiberium Sun W1N4V4TKB Cloak & Dagger C99FJ8DM5 Hostile Takeover C99F1A8VH NOD Death Squad 0LF0D3T25 Under Siege: C&C 457E1D682
  Command & Conquer PS1 View Credits Enter "JC" as a password.
  Command & Conquer PS1 Japanese Narration Enter "GODZILLA" as a password.
  Command & Conquer PS1 Bonus Level Enter "PATSUX" as a password on the GDI disc. Then, a bonus level with $10,000, extra tiberium, and tweleve commandos will begin.
  Command & Conquer PS1 NOD Mission Passwords Mission Location Password 2A Egypt C99FAXKW8 2B Egypt KDTPX9WPE 3A Sudan EDT4LLS9D 3B Sudan JFBS8WWVM 4A Chad JY2RPNB0L 4B Chad 4QHTTEY4B 5 Mauritania W15DASRS8 6A Ivory Coast 9QYUCB63B 6B Benin 208F7432R 6C Nigeria Q0WRYGFWX 7A Gabon GTJKWOJDK 7B Cameroon OX3UJ0V6Q 7C Central African Republic C9R67C70W 8A Zaire OH1Y3FSC2 8B Zaire GTJKE8W7B 9A Egypt Y4UMW1NWE 9B Egypt 3NJDSOKII 10A Angola BBK5ONRL4 10B Tanzania MILZJC113 11A Namibia OX3UKOP94 11B Mozambique GTJ26Z72A 12A Botswana A9G1KD5FJ 12B Botswana CSZZGEJ8H 13A South Africa W3C6NH4OV 13B South Africa AJ5CEQE7I 13C South Africa 25UJG3YHZ
  Command & Conquer PS1 View FMV Sequences Enter "CINEMA" as a password, then wait until the FMV sequences appear.
  Command & Conquer PS1 View Entire Map While the game is loading, hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 + Circle + Square. Keep the buttons pressed until the mission briefing begins. Now the entire battlefield will be displayed. Alternatively, pause the game and press Circle x3, Up, Circle, Square, R1, Circle x3.
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