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  007 Racing PS1 Unlock All Missions Mission Mode Mission 4 00Agent difficulty Complete the 'Highway Hazard' Mission without hitting any traffic cars. All Missions are available to play in any order in 00 Agent Mode.
  007 Racing PS1 Ferrari In 2 Player Mode At main menu hold Select and press X, Square, Circle, R1, R2.
  007 Racing PS1 Purple Explosions Mission Mode Mission 10 00Agent Difficulty Complete the 'Download' Mission with a perfect score. All explosions in all levels appear purple instead of orange.
  007 Racing PS1 Double Damage Two Player Mode Mission 9 Agent Difficulty Collect all Nitro and TSP-6060 pickups in the 'River Race' Mission, and complete it. In Two-Player, any damage inflicted on the opposing player is worth double its original value.
  007 Racing PS1 Double Health Both Modes Mission 8 00Agent Difficulty Complete the 'Break Out' Mission with 100% health still intact. All Medical kits are worth double their original value: 50 points.
  007 Racing PS1 Crazy Skids Both Modes Mission 7 Agent difficulty Complete the 'Escape' Mission with 100% score. Skid marks appear bright green as opposed to their usual black.
  007 Racing PS1 Funky Missile Trail Both modes Mission 6 00Agent difficulty All 'empty' tents [those not containing power-ups] must still be intact when the level is completed. Smoke trails on Hellfires and Stingers are multi-coloured, shifting rapidly through several hues.
  007 Racing PS1 Red Sea Mission Mode Mission 5 Agent Difficulty Disable all three tanks on the 'Survive the Jungle' Mission (the mission must also be completed successfully). All water in the levels turns red.
  007 Racing PS1 No Radar Two player mode Mission 3 Agent difficulty Complete 'Ambush' with at least 85% health still intact. is present on the HUD during a two-Player game.
  007 Racing PS1 Pre Mission Replay Mission Mode Mission 1 Agent difficulty Complete the Pre Mission in less than 90 seconds. The user is able to see the pre-mission replay instead of the CG sequence.
  007 Racing PS1 Slippery Track Both Modes Mission 2 00 Agent difficulty Knock out all 11 fire hydrants on the 'Gimme a Brake' Mission (the mission must also be completed). All track surfaces are as slippery as soap. The user will have difficulty controlling their vehicle.
  007 Racing PS1 Two Player Arena Compound Two player mode Mission 7 Agent Difficulty Complete Mission 7 (Escape) in Agent mode. This will unlock the previously-unavailable Compound' Two-Player track.
  007 Racing PS1 Tall Pedestrians Mission Mode Enter 'LEMKE' on the Enter Name screen.
  007 Racing PS1 Two Player Arena Rooftops Two player mode Mission 10 00Agent difficulty Complete Mission 10 (Download) in 00 Agent mode. This will unlock the previously-unavailable 'ROOFTOPS' Two-Player track.
  007 Racing PS1 Aston Martin Vantage In 2P Two player Mode At the title screen enter L1, R1, Triangle, Circle, X. The Aston Martin Vantage is unlocked for use in Two-Player gameplay.
  007 Racing PS1 All Gadgets Both Modes Mission 12 00Agent Difficulty Complete the 'Showdown' Mission in less than 2:00. All weapons in the game are available in all levels.
  007 Racing PS1 Blue Goggles Mission Mode Mission 11 Agent Difficulty Complete the 'Submerged' Mission with 100% health. The security cameras in Mission 8 'Break Out' (usually green) and the IRGoggles in Mission 11 'Submerged' (usually RED) are tinted blue
  1 on 1 PS1 Control Basketball Press Triangle to control the basketball that bounces on the main menu screen. Keep slamming the ball to view display various on-screen comments.
  1 on 1 PS1 Gallery Mode Successfully finish the game using any character. An art gallery option that allows design graphics and character images to be viewed will appear on the menu.
  1 on 1 PS1 Play As Dr T Start game play in one player story mode and meet Dr. T. Note: His appearance is random.
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