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  A-Train Any Special Dates The following events will occur on the corresponding game dates: Birds migrate north April 5 or 6 UFO flies from northeast to the south July 7 Amusement park fireworks show at 8pm Saturdays in August Birds migrate south October 1 or 2 Santa rides his sled from north to south at 10pm - 1am December 24 or 25
  A-Train Any Humorous Message Click on the stadium once it appears.
  A-Train Any Money and Land Press [Caps Lock], then type cheatercheaterwimp. After a short pause, $1 million will be added to the current funds, and all owned land will have building blocks.
  A-Train Any Money Type cheatercheaterwimp during game play for $50,000,000.
  A-Train PC Unlimited Money you need a x-plorer for this $3660B664 59F2 $3660B663 5914 $3660B662 5939 $3660B661 595C
  A-Train PC $16 Million Another way to cheat is by using DEBUG. Save your game and quit A-Train, then type: DEBUG filename.a_t E D78C 87 W Q Run A-Train and load your city. Your cash has magically increased by $16 million! (Note: Replace "filename" with the name of your savegame.) If you want, you can automate the cheat. In your A-Train directory, type: COPY CON $ E D78C 87 W Q Then press Ctrl-Z. Next, type: COPY CON CHEAT.BAT @ECHO OFF DEBUG %1.A_T<$ Then press Ctrl-Z. Now, to cheat, just type: CHEAT filename where "filename" is the name of your savegame. <PHEW!>
  A-Train PC Cheating Tips ctrl-shift-petercheatercheaterwimp And only works 10 or 11 times before you are kicked out of the game. You can reset the cheat counter by saving your city, quitting the game, running it again and reloading your city. You should buy up lots of real estate before cheating, so as to get the largest amount of building materials possible. Note: This embezzlement function does not work on some of the earlier versions of the game. Contact Maxis for an upgrade.
  A-Train PC Groovy Graphics If railway moguldom bores you and you'd rather see some groovy graphics on the ending screen, then, while the game is running, press and hold CTRL and ALT and type: bellybutton.
  A-Train PC Booming Metropolis You can run the booming metropolis shown in the demo if you do the following: First run the game, then open SYSTEM menu and select the SAVE option. Save the game and then exit. Then run the game again and simply load your saved scenario. That should give you the demo city.
  A-Train PC $1 Million And Supplies Press CTRL with SHIFT and type: cheater-cheaterwimp This cheat gives $1M plus all the supplies you can store.
  A-Train PC Make Game Accept "0" For Password Number 1. open the saved game "Sams's" 2. subtract first number from second 3. convert to hexadecimal 4. search for this two-byte value in CODE 2 5. change it to "00"
  A-Train PC Give Yourself More Cash * open the saved game "Sam's" * offset "0000" to "0003" change the four bytes to the number of funds you want. (i.e. 00000100 = 256 funds)
  A-Train PC Buy And Sell Stock * If you buy a stock for $100 or more, the price must rise 21 points from the time you bought it in order to make any profit. Because the commission when buying/selling is (10* #of stocks bought +50), or a total of $20/stock + $100.
  A-Train PC Fool The Stock * Stock dividends are paid out at July 1. Even if you purchase them the day before, and sell the day after. Don't forget to watch the opening hours!
  A-Train PS1 Unlimited Money Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2, then press Square + Triangle + Start at the title screen. The map selection screen will be displayed. Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Circle. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Pause game play and press Left, Right, Up, or Down to gain more money.

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