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  A-10 Cuba PC General Enable the Invincible Aircraft control setting. Then, enter one of the following codes during flight to activate the corresponding cheat function: Code Result [Ctrl] + [Tab] Add 500 Feet Altitude [Ctrl] + [Tab] + S Slow Motion Mode [Ctrl] + [Tab] + X Enable Joystick
  A-10 Cuba PC Undocumented Codes * While in the simulator press command-"S" to enter. * Press "x" to release control of the mouse. Use the mouse to direct flight. * Press 4,8,6,2,7,1 on the calculator pad repeatedly for motion in that direction. * Press "5" on the calculator pad to stop. * Press return to fire mavericks, mouse click to fire cannon. * Press "6" then "1" to return to the cockpit

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