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can you still get a copy of portal 1 if you buy portal 2 through steam?

+10 votes
asked 12 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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9 Answers

+1 vote
Of course you can, they're 2 different games, and buying Portal 2 would not restrict you on getting Portal 1.
answered 12 years ago by NachoPiggy Adept (938 points)   1 1 15
i mean for free
+1 vote
nope, the preorder's over so you can't get a copy for free
answered 12 years ago by drakaenae King (41,339 points)   5 9 79
+1 vote
Yes, if you buy them both. I'm not aware of any CURRENT promotion going on.
answered 12 years ago by slimyHog Journeyman (683 points)   1 1 14
0 votes
Steam was running a promotion where if you preordered Portal 2, you received Portal 1 for free. This is no longer available since Portal 2 has been released.

However, you can still purchase Portal 1. But I don't think that's what you were asking.
answered 12 years ago by mrtowel Prince (27,434 points)   8 18 41
+1 vote
Nope. The promotion is over. But try asking around. Someone may have a Portal to give to you for free.
answered 12 years ago by xboxer King (32,462 points)   6 11 48
+1 vote
nope portal 2 was released you could get portal 1 for free if you preoredered portal 2
answered 12 years ago by dark788 Soldier (2,610 points)   7 16 36
+1 vote
Yes you can : /
answered 12 years ago by phosphorus Journeyman (640 points)   7
0 votes
You could in the pre-order, but not anymore. However, you can still buy a bundle which includes both games for $5 more.
answered 12 years ago by GrammarFuhrer Journeyman (702 points)   4
0 votes
The promotion you are referrring to has ended as it was just for pre-orders, however certain retailers are offering this still if you look around. Portal is currently reasonably priced on Steam and I highly recommend purchasing it and playing it through before playing Portal 2.
answered 12 years ago by Javindo Adept (849 points)   1 7

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