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how do I pickpocket with the spy in the sims medieval?

+5 votes
asked 9 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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3 Answers

0 votes
i need help with that too i could pickpocket before but now there is no spy option popping up so now i cant continue in my quest until i pickpocket ishmail grrr
answered 9 years ago by anonymous  
i kno samw it wont let me anymore :(
it isn't coming up, and now i am annoyed :(
+2 votes
i had an issue where i would always get caught. i found that if you become friends/get their relationship up high enough, it seemingly distracts them. i usually do 5 friendly commands then pickpocket. hope i helped!!
answered 8 years ago by anonymous  
+1 vote
You have to click on the sim your spy plans to steal from and as long as they are not headed home you should get the option to pick their pocket. The spy's chances of getting away with picking a pocket depend on how high their Focus is.
answered 8 years ago by CBas Paragon (4,898 points)   3 8 41

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