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how to get zekrom on pokemon white

+6 votes
in pokemon white how do i get Zekrom?
asked 9 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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4 Answers

+1 vote
You can catch Zekrom after you beat N in N's Castle. If you somehow can't catch it there because your boxes are all full, you can find it in Dragonspiral Tower.
answered 9 years ago by Josh Michaud Soldier (2,291 points)  
+1 vote
You have a chance to capture him right before actually battling N so make sure you have an empty slot in your box if you want to us him for the battle.
answered 9 years ago by CBas Paragon (4,898 points)   3 8 41
+1 vote
//spoiler alert///


In N's Castle while you're chasing down N (this is during the Pokemon league segment btw!) , you'll eventually comfront him and Reshiram. An opportunity for Zekrom should appear then =)
answered 9 years ago by Ether Journeyman (633 points)   12
+1 vote
After you go to the elite four and fight until you get to the champion, don't fight him. Go to N castle where you will encounter him.
answered 9 years ago by onephatkatt Journeyman (608 points)   4

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