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how do I find the room behind the peep mirror in L.A. Noire?

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asked 8 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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1 Answer

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Silver Screen Props

When you arrive, enter Silver Screen Props to talk to Marlon Hopgood. He will lead you through the store to the sound stage behind Silver Screen Props. Start looking for clues. On the shelves on the right side of the stage, you will find the clue: Chloral hydrate. On the opposite side of the stage, go investigate the mirror to discover a room on the other side. Go out of the sound stage building and around to the left. There are some work tables there. There is a newspaper on one of the tables. The table to the left of the table with the newspaper on it has another clue: Prop shrunken head molds.

To the left of that, there is a life-sized paining of an alleyway. Investigate it to kick it open, and then go through the door that is revealed. This is the secret camera room. In the secret camera room, investigate the shelves to find the clue: Film reel. On the table to the right of the shelves, there is another clue: Empty film canister. If you turn around and investigate a little bit, you will see that there is another one-way mirror that views the restroom; this doesn’t give you a clue though.

After finding these clues, go back into the other side of the sound stage building. It’s time to question Hopgood...

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answered 8 years ago by SLee Grandmaster (14,920 points)   2 5 10

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