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assassin's creed brotherhood how do i use the parachute

+10 votes
I need to know how to use the parrachute in assassin's creed brotherhood
asked 11 years ago in GeneralGeneral by lokik Grandmaster (14,471 points)   12 34 56

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5 Answers

+2 votes
immediately after you jump, press square
answered 11 years ago by anonymous  
+1 vote
Assuming you're playing on the 360, jump off of something (high enough to warrant parachuting) and then press the X button. You'll notice the button map change briefly if you're looking for it.
answered 11 years ago by ikinc Journeyman (707 points)   6
+1 vote
You first have to unlock the parachute by completing all of Leonardo's quests.


After, you get the parachute, jump from a high place and press the right mouse button and then the left mouse button at the same time.
answered 11 years ago by godlike_gamer Adept (897 points)   2 14
+2 votes
it depends on the console, on ps3, press square while really high up and falling, xbox it's X, and pc it's right and left mouse button, weirdly.
answered 11 years ago by Fielon Mercenary (1,645 points)   1 4 27
0 votes
clime on a high biulding than jump of than the the next second  prass x you can also air assassineit by doing that you need to:  go on top of a gurde than prass x
answered 11 years ago by anonymous  

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