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dungeons of dredmor 1.0.4 patch notes?

+1 vote
what are the patch notes for dungeons of dredmor 1.04?
asked 8 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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1 Answer

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Fix the memory leak issue on level creation.
Fix the issue were “empty” tiles reset certain important properties when writing a room template.
Lag due to blood splatters.
Fix the fact that warriors are not getting correct primary stats per warrior skill selected, and wizards are getting too many.
Autofill consumption bug is still, apparently, showing up, and needs to be re-addressed.
This Translation is All Wrong! needs to take damage into account.
Fix the -nomusic option.
Fix the crash on fullscreen mode with OS X 10.7. (This one? All Apple’s fault. You can look forward to any game that uses a fullscreen software rendered framebuffer breaking, silently and awfully.)
WASD has issues in, or near, doorframes, especially if there are monsters in them.
Transmutation skills do not correctly transmute entire stacks. (Gems in particular.)
The auto-loot does not pick up lockpicks, and does not have an option for lockpicks.
Dual wielding needs to be fixed, in particular the negative counter bug.
Look into the reports of the shield bearer skills also doing something odd.
Monsters getting 0 HP due to a debuff (acid bolt, nightmare curse, etc.), and suddenly turning into God Diggles with giant HP bars. (ALL GLORY TO THE ARCH DIGGLE.)
Sleeping enemies should not be able to dodge, block, or counter.
Potion stacking occasionally stops working.
Crafting tools let you stack things that should not, normally, be stackable.
Thrusty Achievement is not consistently triggering.
Zoo achievement is not consistently triggering.
Other achievement screwups.
Zoos are not showing as cleaned up if you run away from them.
Lutefisk Cube behaviour should be consistently with stacks and with individual units.
After loading and saving, objects may no longer show up in the crafting toolkits you left them in.
Issues with traps, Brax, and stores.
Pets occasionally just act like idiots. In particular, they need better targeting, the ability to lose targets, and the ability to switch targets dynamically.
Leaderboard scores need a CRC check on the datafiles before uploading.
Pet double-summons.
Move music loading into its own thread AND TEST IT THOROUGHLY. (Don’t put it in the patch if it’s too scary.)
Haywire not triggering, except when it absolutely shouldn’t. (Vampirism, traps, everything but your spellcasting.)
UI Fixes

WASD should let you interact with: crates, fountains, Dredmor statues, doors, chests, evil chests, uber chests, etc. (Basically: anything you might normally click on if you’re next to it.)
SHIFT-Click mode, when turned on, doesn’t correctly handle SHIFT-Clicking as regular clicking.
Add a way to split stacks of items in the inventory and belt.
Add pricing information to the quicksell.
Add quicksell to the belt.
Monsters should get HP bars when you are adjacent to them, not just with mouse over (for WASD players)
Minimap size should be saved in config
Window positions should be saved in config
Delete confirmation when deleting a save game
Minimap icons: uberchests, quest shrines, quest items, quest mobs, important mobs, Dredmor, user markables
Mousewheel triggers things in the tutorial menu
Equipment comparison tooltips for the equipment screen
Vampires should not be told to “Eat Food To Regain Health.”
Game speed should be saved.
Game should render text using Unicode-8 internally, for the Japanese translation teams. (Especially since they showed me how to do it.)
Third row of the inventory occasionally gets items stuck in it.
Make lockpicking less tedious.
Make sporecrafting less tedious.
Add a way to force your player to kick down a door or a chest, rather than using a lockpick.
Clicking on pets should just shove them aside, and not force you to kill your moustache golem by stabbing it with a sword to get it out of the way. (Really, how could you do that…)
Missing Sound Effects:

Electroblobby attacks
Chest opening
Footsteps with WASD movement
Some clicks and bangs in the menu system would be nice.
Balance Tweaks:

Vampirism should not consistently haywire. (In fact, it shouldn’t hay wire at all.)
Vampirism should be more useful for non-mages.
Make lockpicks and spores have a *sell* cost of 0.
This Translation is All Wrong!, in addition to having bugs, is too powerful. It needs to be reined in.
Some of the new Smithing Crafts need to be addressed. (In particular, and as much as it is a mild anathema to Dredmor’s way of just dumping everything on you depending on its moods, we need leveled materials.)
Necronomiconomics is too self-destructive.
Ley Lines should be more fun.
Craftable thrown weapons.
Up the ammo recovery rate, again.
Heavy Armours get piercing resistance.
Nerf the obvious fireball, again. The last nerf was not sufficiently obvious.
Witchys and Monstrous Masks are too nasty, and should spam the revival spell less.
Lord Dredmor is *still* not sufficiently a badass (and should have stun resistance.)
Acid bolt traps should be taken down a notch.
Only one monster zoo per level, please.
Named monsters should give you lots more XP.
Zoos should have some artifacts in them.
Deadshot is just kind of lame.
Kleptoblobbies should steal less.
Corruption should affect armour as well as weapons.
Look, seriously, at every request for an auto-rest button and then try to come up with some way to use it that isn’t awful.
Ambiguous New Fun

Sinks of Mutation
Do something with the Footy Laser Beam Cannon
Procs on Armour
Make intelligent monsters able to open doors
No Ticket! Remember Your Charlemagne!
Diggle Vending Machine Repairman
Extra Fun on Levels 4 and 8
More Achievements
More Uniques
More Rooms on Level One and Two
Engage the Insult Tables

answered 8 years ago by anonymous  

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