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how do i break blocks

0 votes
asked 3 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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It depends the game you are talking about. In Minecraft you just hold down the punch/mouse clicker, while hovering over a block in close proximity to you, but you need special tools to get certain blocks, or it will take a VERY long time to mine them, and you won`t get their resources. In Terraria, It is basically the same as Minecraft for breaking blocks, except you actually NEED to use the correct tools to break the blocks. Then there`s another game that you might be referring to called "Block Heads", which is basically a Minecraft/Terraria mixture, horrible spin-off, app. In this you just need to punch a block before it breaks, you will always get it, but tools will make your job a LOT faster. Hope this was of help. :P
Right after I wrote that comment, I realized there was a Terraria tag. woops XD

1 Answer

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Mother Fucker Ur So Stupid
answered 3 years ago by anonymous  
Don`t be a jerk.

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