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When you die in minecraft, do you lose your house?

+1 vote
I've died a couple of times and my houses have stayed, but I just want to make sure this Isn't just a glitch or something.
asked 5 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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2 Answers

0 votes
You dont lose your house if you have alerady slept at your house..............but if you dont spawn at your house then you might need to kill yourself in the game and if that dont work then yes you have lost your house
answered 5 years ago by TeHMoD Newbie (125 points)  
0 votes
No worries, when you die, every block you placed will stay exactly where you put them. The only thing you would lose are the items you died with.


((Only problem is you have to find it again.))
answered 5 years ago by Misutipanda Mercenary (1,455 points)   1 4 18
edited 5 years ago by Misutipanda

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