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how to get a girlfriend in gta vice city for ipod

0 votes
asked 6 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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1 Answer

0 votes
Ok everyone I finally figured it out myself. First find a hard top sports car.( I recomend a. Banshee or a pheonix). Then wait till night. You should start seeing a lot of hookers wandering around. find one and drive up right next to them. some won't stop and talk, if so keep searching for a hooker who will. Then just sit there if they stop and say something DONT MOVE they might walk away but Don't move they will come right back and eventually get in your car. Then go and park in a bush.the car will start to shake and you will start to gain health. A maximum of 125 hp. When the hooker gets out kill her to get your money back. Hope this answer helps. Oh and this is on mobile but should work for all versions
answered 5 years ago by anonymous   1 flag

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