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Study of Riolu from Pokemon B & W 2

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I have been keeping myself busy on my pokemon journey in Pokemon White 2 (I own Black Version 2 as well, but i want to complete White 2 first!), by studying certain Pokemon and their abilities. The first Pokemon I studied was Riolu.

I picked Riolu becaus of its... well... i like the pokemon! So heres the Research i gathered on this Pokemon!


Name: Riolu, Evolution: Lucario, Evolves at: once leveled up and has friendship with its trainer, Found at: Floccesy Ranch, Levels usually found: 5, 6, 7, Gender Most Common: Male (Boy), Type(s): Fighting,

Level-Up & Learned Moves: Foresight (Lv 1), Quick Attack (Lv 1), Endure (Lv 1), Counter (Lv 6), Feint (Lv 11), Force Palm (Lv 15), Copycat (Lv 19), Screech (Lv 24), Reversal (Lv 29), Nasty Plot (Lv 47), Final Gambit (Lv 55).

TM & HM Moves: Roar, Toxic, Bulk Up, Hidden Power, Sunny Day, Protect, Rain Dance, Frustration, Earthquake, Return, Dig, Brick Brake, Double Team, Rock Tomb, Facade, Rest, Attract, Low Sweep, Round, Focus Blast, Fling, Shadow Claw, Payback, Retaliate, Swords Dance, Bulldoze, Rock Slide, Work Up, Poison Jab, Swagger, Substitute, Rock Smash, Strength.

Height: 2'04", Weight: 44.5 Lbs, Genders: Boy (Male), Girl (Female), Abilities: Steadfast, Inner Focus, Hidden Ability: Prankster,


HP: 2,

Attack: 4

Defense: 2

Sp. Attack: 2 / Sp. Defense: 2

Speed: 3

Description: It uses the shape of auras, which change according to emotion, to communicate with others.

Riolu has the same form for both Genders.

Moves taught by Move Tutors in Exchange for shards: Dual Chop, Low Kick, ThunderPunch, IcePunch, Iron Defense, Magnet Rise, Iron Tail, Zen Headbutt, Snore, Role Play, Drain Punch, Helping Hand, Sleep Talk.

Egg Groups: No Egg has ever been found. However, if you were to evolve a Male (Boy), Lucario, and have it placed in the Day Care (which, in Pokemon Black and White 2, can be found located on Route 3), with the pokemon Ditto, who has no Gender, you can get a Riolu Egg. (WARNING: MAY RESULT IN DITTO EGG. FEMALE (girl) LUCARIO MAY BE NEEDED FOR A RIOLU EGG.)

Thank you for viewing this, i know its alot of information and it DID take a long time to type!

If you have ANYTHING AT ALL to add, please hit "answer", or "Comment", ok???

*All information came from " The Official National Pokedex & Guide: Volume 2".


asked 6 years ago in Tips/HintsTips/Hints by PokeGuide Mercenary (1,010 points)   2 16

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