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terraria steam why did price suddenly go up from $2.49 to $4.99 before i managed to buy it?

+1 vote

price for terraria on steam was 75% of at $2.50

and i was gonna buy it

but suddenly without notice it changed to $5.00

what gives angry

asked 7 years ago in RantRant by anonymous  

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75% off which was $2.50
so the price it sells is $10.
Your lucky to get it cheap.

1 Answer

0 votes

That was a one-day-offer, the usual sale price is $5



answered 7 years ago by danyukhin Galactic Emperor (100,394 points)   5 9 30
i think actually usual price is $9.99 but it was supposed to be $2.49 today?
The usual SALE price, mate =]
No, the Summer Camp sale price was $7.49 (-25%) and at 12cst they posted it for $2.49 when they updated the deals on 7/09.  I'm guessing it was a mistake, because when I went back 4 hours later (should have been 20 hours left on the sale) they raised the price to $4.99.  Still a good deal, but obviously they had some Daily Deal pricing mixup.

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