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terraria when can i go into dungeons

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asked 8 years ago in ProPro by anonymous  

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2 Answers

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You can enter a dungeon at any time.

Its recommended you have atleast 200 hp before going to a dungeon not just for skeletron for the monsters inside)

The dungeon will have the Oldman guarding it.

At day he will tell you to go back another time.

At night he will have the option [Curse] when you click on it you will fight Skeletron he has a massive 5000 hp and his hands have 800 hp each. Defeat him and he will give you access to the dungeon.

Beware you must beat him before 4:30 am (game time) or he will hit 9999 hp.

When you enter the dungeon you will usually fight Angry bones, Cursed skulls and Dark casters these will swarm you and more likely kill you.

If you have not defeated skeletron you will be chased by Skeletron guardians that do 9999 damage.

In the dungeon you see spikes that do tons of damage if you touch it. (unfortunately it doesn't affect enemies) and is usually griefer materials they can be damaged by a hammer.

Chest inside the dungeon will always be Gold and usually has a special dungeon related item - Muramasa [Fastest DPS sword], Handgun [Material to make phoenix blaster], Cobalt shield [2 defence, prevents knockback], magic missile [Controllable sparkle] and etc.

Make sure if you want the Water spell you use a hammer on the books. You can get upto 8 per dungeon so keep your eyes open.

Also its recommended you use a terraria map viewer or mapper as it will show the locations of the chests and reduce the stress looking for them.
answered 8 years ago by Inferndragon Soldier (2,900 points)   1 2 19
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the dungeon 1 per map spawns at one side of the map


to safely enter you must talk to the old man outside at night and kill the skeletron boss that spawns


edit, i usually look to 300 health, min and gold armour if not shadowscale, and some way to stop fall damage, cloud in a botte or rocketboots or the horseshoe, the decent after you first enter is a long long drop and the edges can be easily missed
answered 8 years ago by mokh Galactic Emperor (115,612 points)   10 12 51
edited 8 years ago by mokh
i meen when am i rdy to go face the dungeons

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