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Garry's Mod Unable to shade polygon normals?

–13 votes

tryin to play garry's mod

i get

Engine Error:

Unable to shade polygon normals(*****************)

I tried the following:

restarted my computer

reinstalled garrys mod

system restore (which failed due to unspecified error?)

boot on safe mode

but nothing helped. please help i really wanna play this game
asked 12 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  
edited 12 years ago by anonymous

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delete system 32?
Buy the game.
there is a guy who called "skiLL" , he made a fix for that.
haha "Garry NewBie" got owned back :D
He's not a "newbie" just because he wants people to not steal his game. He's just trying to get money to support his family/himself.

And you selfish thieves don't care about that.

Well guess what? If Garry doesn't have enough money to support his family/himself, he'll eventually become poor, and possibly die of hunger. Meaning you retarded pirates won't get any new versions of GMod to pirate.

So support Garry and buy GMod if you want more versions of it to pirate. Oh wait, you'll have the game legally anyway, so no need to pirate.

But it's not like any of you moronic pirates care about buying GMod anyway because you're either too young to have a credit card or don't want to spend $10 measly bucks on a mod(even though the creator actually got new HL2 modding tools to do a TON of new modding to the Source engine), so I guess you can just flame me or disregard this comment if you don't have a heart.

Now go back to smoking "cracks".

alllwell the duded right
Heres how to fix it: Get the game legally you pirate
Pirates are cool and this will help you in the future!
He didn't make it hard to crack, it was just to make pirates get pissed off.
"pirates are cool"?

theyre obviously too much of pussies to pay money for crap though, so...?
To the person who said That it is Garry's game:

This is not Garry's game. "Garry" has no right to charge us for it. It has Half-life 2 characters, textures, objects, source, etc. all by VALVE not HIM.
To the guy above: Valve GAVE HIM THE RIGHTS you moron.
Piracy =/= Theft

Get your facts straight.
Piracy of course includes theft. The only thing different to theft is that you share your loot.
"To the person who said That it is Garry's game:

This is not Garry's game."

But he made the mod.

herpa derp
i know you should not pirate but it`s not like his family will die of starvation because of the amount of people who pirate. Most people bought the game.
Piracy isn't a crime, I do it too.
But pirating indie games make you a fucking *******.
So, then Business = cheating
Business = ambush
"Only business, nothing personally" said the damned uncle Sam while peek in your pockets. Hahaha. He's really do that. Don't believe me? Ok, what really useful USA produces? Hahaha, N-O-T-H-I-N-G! Those losers probably forgot how to work, how to produce, how to create. They just COPYING the dirty geen bucks, incrementing serial numbers on it :) A Federal Reserve is really a world-wide thieves guild! Still don't believe me? So, it points on that you even forgot how to think by your own brain instead of reading "Times" and another yellow press...
Heheey guys just download half life 2 and then download garrys mod to it =D Im not doing that because i have garrys mod but my friend said that works.
That's all. Fixed.
Hey Everyone look up Lol Limewire and turn on im feelin lucky on google.ITS IS DA BEST THING EVER
do what you want beacuase a pirate is free
you are a pirate
Yar har flidididy
being a pirate is not alright to be
do what you want beacuase a pirate is free
you are a pirate
garry is no newbie you dumb shit! He didnt make the game impossible to crack. That wasnt his goal. You can simply crack it in notepad he even says. The purpose of this was to give piraters a minor speed bump and laugh at them.
To the person that said this is NOT garry's game.
YES IT IS GARRY"S. ITs FUCKING CALLED GARRY"S MOD> ITs his, and he includes valve source stuff in it too. LEGALLY. HE DOES have the rights to the valve objects in the game. And dont you "herpa derp" anybody. YOu are't even educated enough to even call some one stupid.... DUMB shit
This just made my day.
Yo ho ho and a barrel of rum :3
Go suck one idiot.
There are always going to be piraters.
piracy is not theft,Garry ain't losing no money,because those pirates would never buy the game anyway,for one reason or another.He may even lose potential buyers for that,because most people pirate just to try out a game and see if it's worth it.Because garry's mod has no demo.
@above: you got it all wrong. If people steal the game from him then he is losing money. Each pirate means a load of money not earned. I bet you wouldn't be happy if you made a game and everyone decided not to pay for it, meaning lots of people playing your game but no money in your pockets...
Hi people I bought the game through steam Gmod ........................... when I run the game will read the menu and the game crashes and write it Engine Error
Unable to shade the polygon normals (76561198037272881) please I still ...................................... I adore this game
You dumbfuck buy the game
he probaly didn't but i bought the game when it first came out and it said the same thing.
@the dude who started with @above
Pirating is not stealing.Stealing is when you remove the original,pirates just copy it.And you got it all wrong,do you think that most of the people who pirated the game would have bought it if it couldn't be pirated?
Maybe some would have,but those are eighter trying it out or waiting for a sale.
You never know if a pirate would have bought the game,so you don't lose anything,only a potential sale.
Also,pirates make your game popular.If you I see my game on a torrent tracker,I would be happy that it is getting attention,and hope that some of the pirates will decide to support me by buying it.
Don't confuse a snob with a sense of entitlement and no work ethic with a poor man pirating games because he could barely buy a PC. And don't confuse either with the people we call pirates who go around on boats toting guns and RPGs, stealing shit from cruise liners and cargo ships because they're a bunch of greedy thugs or bonified terrorists
I bought it and it happens to me!

21 Answers

+14 votes
Best answer

If you "really wanna play this game" how about you buy the game instead of stealing it you ****** pirate! angryno

answered 12 years ago by PirateBuster Newbie (153 points)   1 1 3
edited 12 years ago by PirateBuster
Good job PirateBuster :D
According to subject of discussion: PIRACY: let me ask you a little question... What you think about RIAA? Do you understand what they are doing? Aren't you hear about the new realistic game "New World Order"?
In short words: RIAA riding the authors [censored] and constantly lies to you that "Your money will support authors"? It's more than dangerous for the whole world and for You personally.
Why you ask? Ok, let me say... RIAA monopolizing the market then get the market under control and then... start throwing shit to the end-users. The Shit that will MAKE YOU MORE IGNORANT. Just look at those so-called "pop-stars"!
Read the http://theforbiddenknowledge for more details
And google for "new world order" - it's a really cool FREEWARE game!

Question to Garry: did you really join to the merchants society that turns the free man to bondage? If not, may you reject using Steam for GMOD distribution in the "3rd world countries" and lower the prices for this countries? About this countries: There's many users live so far from the cities and haven't fast internet connection or haven't internet access at all. There's many people suffering from USA's economical colonization (and USA's economical deficite expansion, of course - say thanks to Rottschilds and ROckfellers for Federal Reserve). Because of it, there's many users haven't US dollars - it's too expensive there...

May you sell Garry's Mod in those countries for the reduced prices, that equals proportional difference between the mediocre income in USA and every "3rd world country"?
If you do it, YOU CAN HELP TO REDUCE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE PEOPLE OF USA/WEST EUROPE AND THE REST OF THE WORLD. By doing that you can help to fight with the world-wide thieves guild named "Federal Reserve". And, of course, by doing that YOU CAN REDUCE THE PIRACY TO MINIMUM!

What you say?
Wow thats some information you are telling use there. O_O
+8 votes
u need to format your hard drive that will fix it
answered 12 years ago by anonymous  
lol yeah format! that will fix the problem entirely!
+8 votes
Garry's Mod only costs like 10 bucks if u buy it from steam and you get tons of  content why not just go and buy it will save you time and trouble
answered 12 years ago by anonymous  
if you buy the Garry's Mod + Team Fortress 2 bundle it costs $4 more. xD
–3 votes
Have you tried updating your graphic drivers?
answered 12 years ago by anonymous  
–3 votes
Well actually, im in the same thing. I know its pirating,but it works. What you have to do, is add Garry's Mod to favourites (on steam). The thing is you have to turn off your internet connection, repeat. TURN COMPLETELY OFF. Then start gmod.

Note: When it is minimised, if you turn on the internet, you'll get the same error... so cant do lan or mp...
answered 12 years ago by anonymous  
+5 votes
garry newman did it on purpose its to catch pirates (illegal downloaders) the code after the error in the () is ur steam id code when u post it he checks you so you get banned
answered 12 years ago by anonymous  
+4 votes
Don't pirate the game and you'll quickly not get it. Idiot.
answered 12 years ago by anonymous  
+2 votes
delete system32, yeah.
answered 12 years ago by anonymous  
much better than formatting. much, much better
+2 votes
Look's like someone pirated the game, hahahaha!
answered 12 years ago by anonymous  
0 votes
answered 12 years ago by anonymous  
oh oh the dudes a hacker D:
+1 vote
You've been had. It's to catch damn pirates like YOU!
answered 12 years ago by xboxer King (32,462 points)   6 11 48
+2 votes
deleting system 32 has been confirmed as the definitive fix for this problem.
answered 12 years ago by jaykay Master (8,580 points)   5 7 51
A friend of mine did the same and it worked for him.

yup. This is a great solution.
this does not make any sense as system 32 is the thing that runs your computer isnt it?
no,system32 is a dummy folder so that newb hackers attack it instead of the real windows folder which is just "system"
If it is a dummy folder, deleting it shouldn't fix anything.
+2 votes

I remember when I pirated garry's mod once, but I felt eaten by the conscience so I bought it after a week smiley


Yeah and I DO think its not right to pirate games, even if I did it that time myself, and I am NOT proud of it... yes


I do think that because of that ill probably get thumbs down though sad

answered 12 years ago by anonymous  
+2 votes

Never fuck with garry, or he will fuck you.


answered 12 years ago by anonymous  
0 votes
Try to verify the game's cache. It should work.
answered 12 years ago by l4d2bob Grandmaster (11,115 points)   5 10 48
+2 votes
I laugh at the people who try to come up with fixes for this amazing pirate trap.

P.S. Great job Garry! :D

P.S.S. This is an error that only people who pirate Garry's Mod encounter. <-- Real Answer
answered 12 years ago by DrPixel Hero (3,373 points)   4 5 44
I downloaded this and it works lok :                                                       I hope i hve helped you sorry bad eng :D
+2 votes
I believe that the "Unable to shade polygon normals" bug was introduced into the pirated version of the game by the creator. So, either find a pirated version that works or fork out the $10 or so to buy it. =\
answered 12 years ago by BobDorian Hero (3,769 points)   2 7 34
+1 vote

You just got owned by Garry Newman.

I pirate games too but i always buy them after a week if i like it otherwise i just delete it.
answered 12 years ago by Jaws444 Hero (3,876 points)   1 4 39
0 votes
Best solution is to actually buy the game and not use a pirated version
answered 12 years ago by shoricsmat Grandmaster (12,671 points)   6 11 46
0 votes
The best way to make it work properly is to actually purchase the game. Surprsing, huh?
answered 12 years ago by mrtowel Prince (27,434 points)   8 18 41
You are just right. I got surprised indeed. :P

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