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mortal kombat 9 codes like rainbow ps3

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asked 9 years ago in CheatsCheats by anonymous  

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1 Answer

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This trainer is button based, and you can enable things from button presses. Just follow the directions below for specific instructions on each thing it can do. It will be updated with new additions.

How to use the "Play As" features:

Each "Play As" code will allow you to play as various NPCs. Each code will have an activation code which you enter after you've selected any character and difficulty level. Make sure to press the activation code anytime after the "ladder" screen apears, but before the round starts. The code has to be re-activated after the "ladder" screen appears, after each time you de-activate it. You could change who you play as each time, if you so choose, by doing a different activation code, or don't activate it, and just let the first person you selected go ahead and fight.

Pressing "right" on the D-Pad or on your Arcade Stick that is set as digital input, not analog, will deactivate the "Play As" code. The code must be deactivated anytime after the match starts and before you win or lose and go back to the "ladder" screen, where you can re-activate the code at that time. So make sure that you do not press "right" while waiting for the match to start, but after it starts, it is ok to deactivate it. The reason it must be deactivated, is if you have the code still activated before the "ladder" screen appears, it will lock-up when it appears. So if you play with the D-Pad or an Arcade Stick, you won't have to remember to deactivate, and you just have to be careful about not deactivating it on the "ladder" screen or loading screen, before the match actually loads up and then starts.

Play as Shao Khan in Single Ladder or Tag Team Ladder:
Activation Code: BACK + X

Play as Goro in Single Ladder or Tag Team Ladder:
Activation Code: BACK + Y

Play as Kintaro in Single Ladder or Tag Team Ladder:
Activation Code: BACK + A

This is the only thing the trainer does so far. I will be adding many more characters to play as, as well as trying to add new features, such as possibly a God Mode.

I hope you enjoy the trainer.

This trainer may be hosted on other sites, if you give a link to my site and leave this ReadMe inside the archive.
answered 9 years ago by anonymous  

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