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sims 3 generations exception raised unhandled page fault on read access to 0x00000001 at address 0x00585841?

+1 vote
getting sims 3 generation error:

exception raised unhandled page fault on read access to 0x00000001 at address 0x00585841 do you wish to debug it? yes/no

yesterday game was working fine

what does this message mean should i press yes or no? should i reinstall?
asked 7 years ago in TroubleshootingTroubleshooting by anonymous  

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2 Answers

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I have the same problem... I m going to contact ea website suportenlightened

answered 7 years ago by anonymous  
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Ea support told me this (for MAC users only!):


1. Drag The Sims 3 icon from your desktop to the trash bin.  
2. Go to Users\[username]\Library\Preferences and delete the Sims 3 preferences folder if it appears.  
3. Go to Users\[username]\Documents\Electronic Arts and move the Sims 3 folder to your desktop.  
4. Finally, go to Users\[username]\Applications and delete the Sims 3 folder there.  
5. Control-click on the trash bin and select Secure Deleted, restart your computer, and reinstall The Sims 3.

answered 7 years ago by anonymous  
I completely removed and re-installed all my games as EA support said us Mac users need to do (per the above entry). My game still crashes after 1-2 hours of play time with the same message. This has been brought up by many other Mac users (same error message). Another solution suggested by the Sims Community is that older CC content may be problematic with Generations. I have updated all my game mods to Generations compatible. So now I am starting to slowly try removing all other CC content - removed all my CC hair but my system still crashes. I will keep trying to remove CC clothes, furniture, building/buyables as needed to see what is the problem. This is a slow progress as there is no set pattern to the crashes. I am saving alot during play-time.
Apparently you can stop the periodic crashes by shutting Time Machine off while you're playing. A lot of users have found that the periodic crashes coincide precisely with Time Machine finishing a backup.
I just shut off TIme Machine but I still get the same crash during loading. The problem started after I downloaded some custom content. I also deleted custom content in the download manager. Could it be related to that? I will now delete all the custom content I downloaded today and see if it works.
Nope, it didn't. So I don't think this is custom content related...
Will this mean that i lose my accounts made on The Sims 3?

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