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how do I build a house in Terraria?

+1 vote
asked 6 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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2 Answers

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Here is a basic guide to creating your house

Getting started

To build a house. You must have the filled criteria. Which is a 10 by 8 room. Use Any form of material other than dirt to create a rectangle.

  • Wood
  • Gray bricks (2 stone)
  • Red Bricks (2 clay)
  • Glass (2 sand)
  • Metal bricks (1 Stone, 1 Metal [E.g. Gold]

P.S. Dungeon bricks don't work

To make it secure for no monsters to appear create a backwall out of wood, blocks or bricks.

Any material other than dirt will work. Each block, wood and brick will create 4 walls. Make sure to fill the gaps until your building is secure. Once this is completed you have created a safe zone.

Make sure you add a light source such as

  • Torches (1 gel and 1 wood)
  • Candles (1 gold bar and 1 torch)
  • Chandelier (1 iron chain, 4 metal bars [Copper, gold or silver] and 4 torches)

How to attract NPCs (Non-player characters)

To make it so NPCs enter the structure. You need to fill these requirements:

  • Complete structure no gaps between walls and blocks.
  • A light source.
  • A table and a chair

Your first building will give room for the guide to stay. So make sure you build more buildings.

You may want to add a Bed (spawn point) to your house. This is made from 5 silk (50 cobwebs) and 15 wood.

You can also add objects onto platforms such as:

  • Books (from dungeons)
  • 2 Bottles for alchemy(1 Glass)
  • 2 Pots for plants (1 clay)
  • Piggybanks (from merchant 1 gold)
  • Candles


- Inferndragon (Terraria)

answered 6 years ago by Inferndragon Soldier (2,900 points)   1 2 19
Actually, you CAN create walls out of dirt, and they WILL work, you jjust can't use dirt walls that are originally in the world, you ahve to make your own, a house with dirt walls that were originally there when the world was vreated won't work, even if the rest is filled with wood walls or player built dirt walls, all the walls must be made by the player, otherwise the house won't work. To destroy any type of wall, you need a hammer of some sort. If an originating wall is wall-locked though, iyou will NOT be able to destroy it, first, you must break away the walls around it, or at least ONE wall. The wall must have an empty side to be destroyed, unless it is player built.
0 votes

build the structure of how u want it with wood or stone or w/e it is u want to make it with and then u have to use a workbench to make doors, torches, tables, chairs, and walls.walls are diff than the ones u use for the structue. u can make bricks if u want but id suggest just making wood ones for starters. u can tell the diff cuz if its wood u wont be able to walk in front of it, itll stop u like a dirt block. if its a wood wall its basically a background so u can walk n front of it.

answered 6 years ago by anonymous  

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