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LA Noire The Golden Butterfly walkthrough why did I get only a 2 star rating did I charge the wrong person?

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in L.A. Noire I did The Golden Butterfly homicide case, and after interrogating the child molester and the husband, I charged the husband, Hugo Muller,  for murder. I came to the conclusion that he is the murderer based on the following clues/evidence:

No Alibi

Shoe Size

Burning the blood stained shoes

Car Type

Rope Knowledge

But then my boss is mad at me and I only get a two star rating? why? The murderer is clearly NOT the pedophile Eli Rooney based on evidence and interrogation

am confused please help!
asked 8 years ago in WalkthroughsWalkthroughs by anonymous  
edited 8 years ago by anonymous

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If you have found all the clues and have answered all questions correct then you have to convict Rooney...its the only way to get 5 stars.
Have to!?! Clearly it wasn't Eli but Hugo. I didn't get this at all. My guess is that getting the pedophile of the streets was a more popular idea. Galloway stated this himself. Since all evidence points to Hugo, and make an unpopular decision of convicting the right guy instead of the popular decision of the wrong guy, you get two stars. Or in my case, 3. But how can you get 5 stars by putting away the wrong guy?
All the evidence?  This is hardly open-shut.  Eli Rooney works for Hennessy Marine (HM!) and they wear green coveralls.  He was the one with the gold butterfly.  If there were more options here, I would have verified that the blood on the shoes were rabbits blood PRIOR to charging either of them.
I didn't make the game...I'm just telling you what you have to do for 5 stars!!
When I did it the first time I missed the footprint molds in the morgue next to the three rope samples and that got me a 2 star rating.
Eli shoes size is 8.  Size 8 found at the crime scene!
Hugo's initials are HM as well though and they could also be mechanics clothing, AND the lug wrench was from the exact car Hugo drives.  This one really pissed me off too.
There was no option for me other than to charge Eli, my guess is that the game centers around the idea that the L.A police force is corrupt and that no matter what you do once you have a guy you’re doing alright. I can bet that we will have to go back and review cases based on new evidence. I'd say its all part of a massive plot!
The killer was Hugo. They tried to say the motive for Eil was robbery, but if you think back to the victim's wallet, all of her money was still there. It had to be the husband, too bad they only want you to charge the child-mo.
I always thought it was Eli, based on the captain being pissed and the beginning video, the murderer seems to be wearing the same clothes as Eli, with all that blue, but I guess there's no evidence in that xD
to be honest this whole time I think it's your partner, I just think your partner is really strange and by the way he talks sometimes. But I guess we will see. This wouldn't be the first time there is suspicious activity on the police force in this game from a few missions ago.
I think, until this case, that the thing about being the detective in the game is to do the right thing, like doing justice with your own hands. The thing I found at Noire wiki was this: "On the way back to Central to interrogate the two witnesses, your partner suggests that you charge Rooney for the crime, even if he didn't do it, because even though Mr. Moller probably murdered his wife in a fit of uncontrolled rage, he's not an "immediate danger" to anyone, whereas the pedophile Rooney who has been lurking around Belmont High is a danger, according to your partner Rusty."
So, your boss and partner think that its best to arrest the immediate danger than a man that murdered by impulse and won't do it again (probably or soon).
The weird thing is Eli would be arrested for being a pedo so he wouldn't be a danger to anyone else
By the way, Do you remember what the money looked like?

It was modern (era 2000) $5 bills. You know, with the Big portrait of Lincoln.  Back in the 40's the potrtraits on bills were the old small type.  - Pretty big screw-up on the game deveopers part - don't you think?

5 Answers

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Best answer
The damage u do to cars + The damage to the city + The injuries you cause innocent civilians = Total $$$ Cost ( I think u loose 1 star for every $1000 you cause but don't quote me on that amount not sure just know alot of damage factors in )

Total $$$ Cost + How many questions you got right + How many clues you found

Also interviewing both P.O.I's. (Person of Interest) in this case

But as for putting the murder rap on either man, it will take away 2 stars if you choose the wrong guy, as long as all the above criteria is met with perfection.

I tried it both ways just to make sure.

Those are the factors you have to add in  when trying to getting a 5 star rating for this case. I did not tell you which person to charge cause I don't want to ruin the endings - there are 2 different endings and also I don't know if it will have a different effect in the game later on, I haven't finished the game yet.

Hope that helps.

answered 8 years ago by anonymous  
0 votes
I got all of the clues, answered all of the questions correctly and I picked Eli. How did I only get 3 stars?
answered 8 years ago by anonymous  
0 votes
I just completed this mission. 11/12 clues found 14/14 questions correct 0$ vehicle 0$ injuries 76$ city damage Convicted Eli Got ***** mission It all boils down to answering the questions correctly and not wrecking or running people over on the street. Not sure how much clues matter but I've missed a few and still received 5 stars on missions.
answered 8 years ago by Jason TigerWoods Mal Newbie (125 points)  
edited 8 years ago by Jason TigerWoods Mal
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I charged Eli and on the bottom it said, 'While Hugo Muller stares down a murder charge his daughter is an orphan.' Lolwut. Also, only got two stars.
answered 8 years ago by anonymous  
0 votes
Yes, I played this case and got no choice, only got the option to charge Eli, besides it's Eli the right person, Hugo is the popular idea :

1) Eli has no alibi and was at the crime scene, and stole the golden butterfly)

2) Eli has size 8 too

3) Hugo said it was rabbit's blood

4) The car belongs to the victim

5) The rope is from Eli's work, and the "HM" are for his work's name

And to finish...I'm sure you didn't watch closely the intro of this case, you clearly see ELI killing Mrs Moller :)
answered 6 years ago by anonymous  

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