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what is a shiny pokemon and how to get it in black and white

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asked 9 years ago in GeneralGeneral by anonymous  

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The answerer before me is correct, I am just adding information you should know about shinies.

The odds of encountering a Shiny Pokemon in the Wild are 1/8,192 (or 0.0001220703125 %), all the time. Meaning after 8,192 battles you are not guaranteed to get a Shiny. Think of it as having 8,192 pieces of paper in a bucket, one of them says "Shiny"; when you encounter a Wild Pokemon, someone draws a piece of paper from the bucket, if it is the one that says "Shiny", the Wild Pokemon is Shiny, if not, it isn't. So the odds are very, very slim. I have only encountered 2 Shiny Pokemon over 7 or 8 years of playing Pokemon Games (Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green, and White). So don't expect to get one any time soon.

2 Answers

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A shiny pokemon is a pokemon with different colorations than its regular form. For example, a shiny Charizard would be black. When you encounter a shiny pokemon in the games, a bunch a sparkles show up, indicating that its a shiny. There is no real way to encounter a shiny unless you are using an action replay, but there are different techniques to increase the luck of finding one.

1: Worldwide trade or friends

2: Breeding two pokemon at the day care

3:Walking around in the grass until you encounter one

Actually, I've never encountered a shiny either, but I'm still looking! Good luck hunting them!
answered 9 years ago by anonymous  
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Well, shiny pokemon are extreamly rare pokemon. You can tell if a pokemon is shiny because it is miscolored and has shines when it comes into battle. I have about half a pc box of shinies, but i use dns codes. The only shiny i found was last year in the giant chasam. I found shiny emolga...

You could also use the Masuda Meathod. Take a ditto from a different language then put it in the daycare with a pokemon from your language with it. daycare is on route 3. then the chances will be so much more likely to get a shiny.

But if you want a shiny legendary, you cant get em because they are on a shiny lock. at N's castle, don't catch reshiram or zekrom. after you beat getis, go to dragonspiral tower, there the shiny lock will be disabled. So you can get it shiny there.

Hope This Helps :)
answered 8 years ago by anonymous  

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