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HELP with Brink! getting Steam Error this game is currently unavailable please try again at another time!

+4 votes

please help I am trying to play Brink on steam

but it says:

Steam Error

this game is currently unavailable.

please try again at another time

what does it mean? I PAID 50 BUCKS FOR THE GAME WHY IS IT NOT AVAILABLE crying

asked 9 years ago in TroubleshootingTroubleshooting by anonymous  
edited 9 years ago by anonymous

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also when I go to my downloads section it says:
Downloaded: 5,432.8MB/5,432.8MB

So if its "READY TO PLAY" why cant i play?
i was having the same exact problem freakin tried everything, nothing worked untill i did this,
Go into the all games section in steam

right click on skyrim in the left screen

hit properties

click local files

then hit verify cache files integrity.
or defragment coache files

That should do it
Thank you very much!
I can finaly play skyrim again

2 Answers

0 votes
Best answer
Yep, i had the same issue, just restart steam, and the files should start decrypting
answered 9 years ago by anonymous  
thanks that worked!
0 votes
I had the same issue...just restart Steam, and if that doesn't work, restart your computer.  In some cases, Steam doesn't quite get what's going on in time...

Good luck man!
answered 9 years ago by anonymous  

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