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Taking care of Business quest - Brynjolf wont go to Ragged Flagon?

0 votes
am doing quests for the thieves guild

Brynjolf wants me to meet him in ragged flagon

but when I go to the flagon he is not there

I go back to the market and he is still in the stall doing the "distraction" from the first quest which I completed

what the heck am i supposed to do I dont have a save game from recently please help me!!
asked 6 years ago in Quests/MissionsQuests/Missions by anonymous  

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same for me. He wont budge no matter what I do!
This did not work for because everyone in the ragged flagon started to attack me and then he went back outside

3 Answers

+3 votes
Best answer
I had the same problem. If you attack brynjolf you can get him to chase you. Make sure just to get him though or the guards will too. Make him chase you to the door to the ratway and down him next to the door. Wait for him to start to get up again and just as he does open the door. If the timing is right hell go into the ratway with you. Trial and error on the timing though so it might not work first try. Anyway do the same at the door to the ragged flaggon. As soon as it works and your both in there put down your weapons and hell start talking to you. Took me four downs at the ratway door and one at the ragged flaggon. But now I'm a thief :D Hope this helps :)
answered 6 years ago by anonymous  
Brilliant! Worked for me. Thanks!!
Yes! That just worked for my brother. Thanks!
Even when I attacked him, he wouldn't follow...
i tried that but he wont follow me through the first door
Ok Thats what i did i went to him hit him made me follow me to the entrance but when i would go in he wouldnt follow me but when i go out he attacks me even tho i wait till hes normal then but he wont follow meh
+1 vote
I am in the same prediciment. blehh
answered 6 years ago by anonymous  
–1 vote
haven't encountered this bug.  after i planted the ring i just talked to him and everything went normally.  you could try going to jail, as for another character this happened while trying to complete the quest and he gave different dialogue, but still told me to meet him in the flagon.  not really sure tho
answered 6 years ago by anonymous  

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