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What are some good games?

+11 votes
I like gaming on my PC. Portal, minecraft any good game recommendations?
asked 13 years ago in GeneralGeneral by djs Soldier (2,570 points)   3 10 39

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13 Answers

+1 vote
Try Crysis 2, Team Fortress 2, L4D1 and 2.
answered 13 years ago by xboxer King (32,462 points)   6 11 48
+2 votes
RTS: Starcraft II, Company of Heroes, Age of Empires III

Sandbox games: Garry's Mod

FPS: Team Fortress, Counter Strike

TPS: Just Cause 2, GTA IV
answered 13 years ago by drakaenae King (41,339 points)   5 9 79
+1 vote

If you like RTS's: Starcraft II, Red Alert, Age of Empires

FPS's: Crysis, Left 4 Dead, Half-Life, Counter-Strike,Team Fortress 2

RPG's: Mass Effect, Fallout 3, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls Oblivion.

Action/Adventure: Batman Arkham Asylum, Grand Theft Auto., Just Cause 2

Platformers: Super Meat Boy, Gish, Psychonauts



answered 13 years ago by Reil Adept (955 points)   1 14
+2 votes
Dawn of War, 1 or 2, all of the Half Lifes, Portal 1 and/or 2, and there are many, many more.
answered 13 years ago by Alchemistlord Mercenary (1,154 points)   3 15
+1 vote

If you have Portal 1, have you played TFV MapPack? Best of the free mods for sure. Also be sure to check out Portal's predecessor, Narbacular Drop.

Minecraft was inspired by Infiniminer, as I'm sure you know. Infiniminer was developed by Zachtronics, who have made a ton of creative/sandbox games, pretty much all of which I recommend (some playable for free on the web).

answered 13 years ago by q00u Adept (831 points)   8
+2 votes
I think The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion is good because its a VERY BIG game and much to explore and amazing graphics. The quests are exciting and the level system is cool.

Also The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker is a good game too because of the big sea and islands to explore. The graphics are amazing too.
answered 13 years ago by GmodderDude Mercenary (1,731 points)   1 7
+1 vote
Call of duty: modern warfare 2 is really good FPS game.
answered 13 years ago by Haloweeboe Champion (5,146 points)   2 8 19
edited 13 years ago by Haloweeboe
+3 votes
RTS: StarCraft 2, Company of Heroes, Dawn of War II
RPG: The Witcher, Mass Effect I and II, and soon The Witcher II
answered 13 years ago by Zenphic Adept (763 points)   5
+1 vote
there is a older game named sly you might like
answered 13 years ago by NerdyNerdIsNerd Journeyman (725 points)   2
+1 vote

Aquaria (metroidvania), Magicka, Super Meat Boy (platform), Garrys Mod (sandbox) and TF2 (FPS) are fun, and not too expensive.

You should also check out the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle, which lets pay what you want for a few games. There's only a day left of it though. 

answered 13 years ago by Turneepz Mercenary (1,477 points)   1 4 25
0 votes
Some good ones are the s.t.a.l.k.e.r series,Crysis,The witcher(and soon the witcher 2),dawn of war 2,total war:shogun 2,starcraft 2.Some oldies but goodies I reccommened system schock 1/2,Grim Fandango and the longest journey!.
answered 13 years ago by Rob Hestar Mercenary (1,096 points)  
+1 vote
Since you like gaming on your PC.

Terraria (Similar to Minecraft and pretty good, with a decent community)

TES: Oblivion (Good modding community and an awesome storyline)

TES: Skyrim (Not out yet but will be the game of the year)

These are all adventure games but make sure you don't get anything from Square Enix as they barely put any effort into the smoothness of the game and they add invisible boundaries all the time. Though this is just my opinion.
answered 12 years ago by Inferndragon Soldier (2,900 points)   1 2 19
+1 vote
if you have any interest in rts at all you should pick up starcraft 2.
answered 12 years ago by jaykay Master (8,580 points)   5 7 51

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