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does someone have cheat to get mystical metal fragment in the sims medieval?

+4 votes
asked 7 years ago in CheatsCheats by anonymous  

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2 Answers

0 votes
Best answer
The only way that I've found is trade an Huge amount of Phosphorus  through the shipping lanes to Tredony.  This in turn allows you to get Magic Powder which you can then trade for Time Machine Parts to Tictop.  You then trade those for Unicorn meat to Burdley, and finally trading the meat for "Angel's Talon Fragment" from Gastroburg.  It's a real pain in the tail, but it's the only way that I've found to get the parts!

Bad thing is it takes 120 Phosphorus for 1 part!  That's alot of mining; for one part!  So if anyone comes of w/a bloody cheat, I'm all ears!
answered 6 years ago by anonymous  
–1 vote
used mod ...enter buydebug......after that ...i still dont know how to transfer it to inventory.
answered 7 years ago by anonymous  

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